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Want your visitors to share your posts to their circles straight from your Blog? Learn how to install the Google Share button into your blog. Since the early days of Google+ it has grown up to be a fitting contender to  Facebook and Twitter. As of today Google+ has another add-on to its huge list of features: “The Share Button” Below is the code that will allow you to integrate the Google Share button:

While using in WordPress sites you can use the plugin which can be downloaded here. As of now the plug-in only supports usage as a shortcode. You can integrate the button into a page, or a post through the following code:  You can also use the code in sidebars but it is to be kept in mind that in case we call the button from a sidebar, it will share the page  and not the post. We can also integrate the code directly into the theme using: The plugin as of now is still undergoing lot of changes. For more updated and detailed information please visit the plugin home page here. The Google Share code was from The Next Web.

You can see the plugin in action in this website. See below for the share button.

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Nars is a passionate Internet enthusiast who spends most of his time in helping small and medium business enterprises to grow and multiply their potential. When he is not staring into the computer he is either reading books or out doing adventure sports.

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