New And Old SEO Trends For The Year 2012

Search engine optimization has been one of the marketing methods utilized by today’s online companies to get themselves strategically positioned within search engines. But for 2012, there are certain guidelines a business must observe if they are to continue with their seo campaigns. The internet landscape is changing. And people’s search habits have evolved with that of technology. What may have been relevant five years ago may not be as effective.


1. Companies will have to adapt a software system in their marketing campaigns if they want to achieve results. Tools like the Bookmarking Demon, Magic Article Rewriter and Traffic Geyser have been around for a long time now. And although it is hard to quantify, there is a huge possibility that every business up until now has or is utilizing programs to hasten their rise to the top of search engine page result ranking.


2. Search engine optimization will include a lot of social networking. With the accessibility as well as the flexibility they provide, social networking sites like Google +, Twitter and Facebook will now become a vital component of search engine optimization campaigns, not an option. Marketing today is not just about putting a website on the first page of search engines but being a tangible entity that interacts in real-time with its target demographic.


3. On page efforts will be intensified in favour of mobile devices. People tend to search more on their smart phones today. So it’s not just enough that companies make their websites computer friendly. They also have to make user panels specifically for different types of mobile gadgets. And they have to consider the features and functions of these representations because they will determine how pleasurable your target audience will be navigating through the site.


However, a lot of the old guidelines are still applicable for the new year even with Google’s new algorithm and ranking rules.


4. Quality is still better than quantity, especially when it comes to content. Write ups connected to the business must provide relevant information and should be updated on a regular basis. Blogs are also encouraged. But they have to be written in a more personable manner. Also, now more than ever, marketers are advised to not overdo their bookmarking, forum, and directory submissions as oversaturation could downplay the influence of their best work. And although the use of software is recommended given the competition, it should not only the only method observed. A lot of high PR sites only accept manual uploads.


5. Video and picture marketing remain to be relevant. A lot of folks still refer to video and picture sites for information. To get your websites accessed immediately, it would be smart to also perform seo on these mediums as well.


These trends can change in the middle of the year without warning. So entrepreneurs and marketers still have to keep an eye out for what’s latest. But with the way things are going, they can expect methods to be more inclusive, extensive, sophisticated and personalized.


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