How to use your SEM campaign as a tool for long-term sales

The common misconception is that once the Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the campaign states that can run itself. Even if the campaign is going very well in the first month, it is necessary to develop and fine tune all the elements of the campaign over the next 4-5 months. We know that in Trendhaus time to run SEM campaigns and “adjust” them, become the most successful (for the same amounts in the budget for media). Thus, during the next six months, spend some time in the performance of your campaign. Follow these steps consistently and make your SEM campaign in a long-term motor sales!

Enter your tracking code

If you have not entered a conversion tracking code in the test period, now is the time to enter! Decide what you want people to do the ultimate in online shopping site, ie, research or create and code the HTML behind this “goal.” Then, the code will continue exactly the amount of purchases, inquiries or registration was the result of SEM campaign. You can then filter the results to see which keywords and text ads to realize you and generate sales.

Use tools for analysis and reporting

Google offers an analysis tool that allows users to learn more about who your visitors are, where they are and how they interact on your site. The statistical analysis function provides not only in their SEM campaigns, but other marketing initiatives and for you to compare what is working for you. Other search engines also provide information tools that return important data on the effectiveness of your ad text and keywords. Regularly run these tools will allow information to write better ads and strengthen their text marketing activities.

Pause ineffective keywords

Three months after the campaign, you should analyze the performance of several keywords that you and the words of a pause is made in terms of clicks and data conversion. We have customers who run their entire campaign with only 10 keywords. These “golden nugget” words generate significant amounts of new customer leads and / or online sales for them. Pausing ‘ineffective’ words will allow you to allocate your budget more effectively to the better performance of words.

Change text ads for relevance

Relevance is a big thing in search engine marketing. There is nothing worse than seeing an ad that speaks to the consumer. For example, a company that is advertising its services in purely functional runs the risk of poor performance, simply due to inadequate writing copy for the web. If copy writing is not your strength outsource this part of his campaign to a specialist. You can make a world of difference in the performance of your campaign and at the end of its sales.

On the other hand, modify the text ads for the location and keyword relevancy. Putting in the title area will help deter wasteful clicks and save budget. For example: if a user is looking for a service of “Cronulla” and your ad is shown with “Sydney CBD” in the title, are less likely to click on it, since it is not relevant to them. This increases the rate of clicks and save the budget for people who are looking for products or services in your area.

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